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April 30, 2007

spring cleaning… figuring out how to change the theme here… bear with me

…and here’s a wallpaper of the new header Sprng07desktop

what it do? DÏ€ work and where to get it.

April 25, 2007

Ninjaversary Cover

Since a few people have asked, I’m just writing this quick post to let people know where they can get my work/update on the projects I’ve posted. Pictured above is my first solo “DÏ€” book, it collects all of the random Gratuitous Ninja work I did from 00-03. It’s available at lulu here.

Sentences cover

I do my mainstream work under Ronald Wimberly (even though I signed that Grimm piece as DÏ€). I’ve done some short format work under Ronald Wimberly, but I’ve mostly done work for Vertigo; I’m featured in Lucifer vol.#9, Swamp Thing book#3:Healling the Breach and I did the covers for the Papa Midnight mini series.

So far this year I have Sentences: the life of MF Grimm coming out from Vertigo in September. I’m working on an issue and a couple of covers for Deadman.

As for DÏ€… D will be featured in a few anthologies and other “arts-y” projects this year. I’ll be in the yet announced, Meathaus: SOS book with allot of other very talented narrative designers; I’ll post the info once I have it. I’m pitching my unique way of making comics to a few cats this year… So keep an eye out, I’ll post any new info here first.


April 24, 2007

so, the seasonal motif will be changing soon

here are the pencil and inks for the header.

It’s shameless exoticism/orientalisme/sexploitation… I’m not ashamed, hahaha


ticket stub: (The Lives of Others) Das Leben der Anderen

So ok… from now on, when I see a flick or a show I’m gonna write a little something about it. The name of this editorial will be “ticket stub”. The gospel it aint, just my oppinion and a little bit of color. I’ll give the short and the long of it. The short will describe things in a way as not to devulge details because I like to see a film with almost no knowledge of the story and I don’t want to spoil it for you guys. The long will be my interpretation or oppinion.

The Lives of Others


Logan and Jubilation

April 17, 2007

A color test/pallete sketch I did before working on aDeadman cover that won’t see the light of day.

Fanboys be damned, I made Jubilee into a butch rocker… like one of those yankee Yakuza in training (I know she’s chinese american, not japanese) I couldn’t decide weather or not to make Wolvy into a greaser… but yeah… I had fun doing it. I don’t get to do much watercolor for work, so I had a little fun before I set to work on Deadman..
you can see some of my limited pallete puddles around the paper.


PS- MARVEL!!! GIVE ME SOME WORK!!! STOP FRONTIN! you know it’s hot!


April 16, 2007


here’s some flix of the graphic poem for that “Top Secret Meathaus Project”… crazy late… hope they can use it.

Page 1&2


some panels.



I’d be interested in what people think, but I only seem to get junk from pharmaceutical advertisers… I hate those guys. At least street pharmacists don’t advertise or spam…. imagine the day when you get crack spam!

But anyway

the rest of the best/book news

April 3, 2007

the rest of the rough ass pencils for my meathaus book. explanation or whatever when I finish… so I won’t be around for another week or so…



In other news… read “A Long Way Gone: memoirs of a boy soldier” great book… more when I finish this comic… until then check it out.

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