The AfterParty

September 10, 2007

Good look on Aerolexicon for providing these pictures

these little piggies went to the afterparty… wouldn’t you like to see them pigs poking from under your blanket?


this fool lu thinking dirty thoughts about how good things come in threes:


Dropping science:

Oooooh puerto rico…


ancient wisdom through hand signals:



and I’m out!

Aye, lex… you got any of Percy?!

Gassing the Kid


Unwarranted, blatant self promotion over on Code Z Online. Here’s the most flattering article ever done on me. I like to believe it’s all true. Now I’ll have to rush to make work to warrant the flattery. Hopefully people see it. Hopefully it’s a trend.

Look at how happy the kid is!

I hope the guys at Rocketship don’t mind me stealing their bandwith with this image:

Perce and Grimm

For everybody who came out, thank you… for everybody who didn’t, suck it. Nah just kidding, folks. …
It was the jump off. A good time was had by all, I think, as no one would ever bear the heat inside Rocketship otherwise. It really felt like a rocketship was about to fucking launch inside that store, it was hot hell born heat up in there… the air was all distorted, wavy and shit… but it was tight, and I am super thankful to the best graphic novel/comic boutique in the city for hosting my signing and putting my doodles up there on the wall. The guys at rocketship are real cool people. I hope my book sells a billion copies so that I can afford to get them central air for christmas; they can put a brass plaque with my name on it. Foreal… it was rock and roll in there.

Becks! you didn’t sign the mini comic! I want you and your Grampa to sign my shit!!! and how come you comic kids didn’t come over to the “china shop” and “zombie hut” for the afterparty! We danced until 4 in the morning!

And the gods made love…

SS Hummingbird

Please select the appropriate letter to complete the statement about the above drawing:

This is…

A. An illustration of Jimi Hendrix
B. An illustration of my obsession with Moebius
C. An illustration of Moebius’ obsession with Jimi Hendrix
D. None of the above
E. All of the above


September 4, 2007

Sentences Flyer
See you there!

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