Miracle @ St. Anna sketches

November 24, 2007



PS. deleted all of my iphone pics on accident; not sure if it was a glitch move, or my own fcuk up. I got a few Berlin flix I’ll post later.

Eurotrippin’: Dtv is not dead

November 14, 2007

Hey everybody,
I’ve been in europe for the last six or so weeks; that’s why there have been no posts. I’m writing this post from my iphone, so no pictures/drawings, but expect many after I return.
I wont get into details now; I’m just posting to let readers know that I haven’t forsaken my post.
I started my eurotrip in Tuscany, where I put in six weeks of work as a featured extra in Spike Lee’s next film, “Miracle at St. Anna”. Now I’m in Berlin, crashing with some faux Nazis. I expect I’ll be wandering Europe for another week or so. Seeya when I get back.

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