SayWhat? Sentences Grabs Glyph Gold

May 19, 2008

thanks for the love everybody! since there’s no acceptance ceremony-

I’d like to thank PopCulture Shock. Percey Carey, Casey Seijas, Jared Fletcher and last but not least Karen Berger for sharing the burden of putting the book together; Percey had a great story to tell and I’m honored to help him tell a small part of it. I’d like to thank Richard Bruning for helping with the cover. David Hyde for promoting the hell out of the kid. Henry Manfra for being patient and letting the kid do his thing. Will and Pornsac for entertaining the kid, while Casey went downstairs to get the dufflebag. Mark Doyle did something, I forget… maybe that was another project. Oh.. and I’d like to thank my mom, Diane Williams, She’ll always have her dreams Despite the things This troubled world can bring. Oh and I’d like to thank my self…

And Levi’s, Hanes and Adidas for shielding my ass from the NY elements .

…and finally but most importantly, buy anything with my name on it, I got bills to pay. Hollar!

Brooklyn!!! Aaaaawe South Side(DC)!!!

I’m coming with more jewels in 08′. Casey Leave the envelope under the door baby!

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