GratNin:Teddy Terror Episode03

January 28, 2009

New Teddy Terror in the Graphix section!!!

and download this desktop for your viewing pleasure:

GratNin: Teddy Terror Transformation

GratNin: Teddy Terror Transformation

GratNin throwback desktop

January 26, 2009

“New to you” GratNin: TT throwbacks this thursday.  Please enjoy this Rysumaru>>>

GratNin:Teddy Terror Desktop

GratNin:Teddy Terror Desktop

Little Red Riding Hood

January 23, 2009

…someone left a little red hat at my apartment. I wonder whom.

Mike McMahon

January 19, 2009

“The problem a lot of artists have is the scripts are not really narratives anymore they seem to be more polemics really. I mean, if an artist is given a script with a story they wouldn’t be allowed to go week after week doing pin-ups.”

Mcmahon Who

Mcmahon Who?

January 17, 2009
thought this was ill... found on the internets

thought this was ill... found on the internets


I mean… what do you guys think?
Not for nothing, I’m kinda disappointed… so garish and gaudy.

Goemon Teaser – Watch more Movie Trailer

A point of contrast… and even more after the bump




Teddy Terror episode 02

…is now live!!!

Teddy Terror Episode 02

Teddy Terror Episode 02

throwing up throw backs

January 8, 2009

I’m reviving Gratuitous Ninja, so I’m gonna give you guys a refresher. Here’s where Gratuitous Ninja started, back in Pratt institute’s “Static Fish” comics magazines alongside a bunch of other great student comics from the likes of Ted Lange, Dan James and Julian Lytle…
peep the date, it was 2001!!!

edit: I’ll be putting these up weekly so keep an eye out.

teddy terror01

teddy terror01

And on the seventh day…

January 7, 2009

Happy New Year People

January 6, 2009
One Eyed Jacks Gig Poster rejected

One Eyed Jacks Gig Poster rejected

It’s been awhile folks… I’ve been grinding, what can I say.

So glad 08 is over… tooth and nail people… tooth and nail. ’09 is mine! Biggups to all the heads peepin’ the site. I just remixed the SouJouBou for IdN magazine.

Been working on some work for Dark Horse… I’ve included some of the rejected pieces there in the gallery. I’ll be in IdN soon… keep an eye out.

Any of my french people catch me in that issue of “Gasface”? They did like 3 spreads of the kid or more… crazy… actually, fuck around, I’m gonna scan it and show you in like 20 minutes.

Meanwhile I’m fucking tired.

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