December 3, 2012

Hey Ya’ll, long time no see.

It’s the holidays and you are indulging in your uncontrolled consumerism only to find that you can’t get your hand on any GratNin x MSGR t-shirts cause they’re sold out everywhere. No worries. Check out my etsy. More after the bump.

GratNin, short for Gratuitous Ninja, is my ongoing comic. The last iteration has been released online, on my tumblr. I recently collaborated with legendary japanese streetwear brand MSGR. I brought these pieces of wearable art back from Japan earlier this year. Now that they’ve sold out in Japan I’m pretty sure this is the only place you can get them.

Also while supplies last, I will include an GRATNIN x MSGR comic book and a full set (4) of GratNin buttons with every order.

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