ron wimberly:

Ronald Wimberly has been scribble-scrabbleing professionally for 6 yrs, as well as hustling comics- His latest, the critically acclaimed biographic novel of MF GRIMM, Sentences. Ronald Wimberly is currently working on a graphic novel adaptation of Something Wicked this Way Comes and a graphic novel collaboration with Jessica Abel for French Publisher, Dargaud



A comic-book, graphic-mixologist in the split traditions of Moebius and Kuniyoshi is not uncomfortable talking about himself in the third person. He’s lent his particular brand of graphic deviance to Ecko, DKNY, Arte Tv and more. He most recently opened Benetton’s Flagship Shinjuku branch with an installation piece midway between performance and sequential art. D?’s first graphic novel, Prince of Cats, will be released by Vertigo

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