Cyanide Breathmint

July 18, 2009

A Walter Bell short film on which I worked. Peace to Jorden “Karbine Labour Industries” Haley, a good friend of mine who also contributed his talents to the look of this film.

Cyanide Breathmint from Walter5.15 on Vimeo.


January 17, 2009

I mean… what do you guys think?
Not for nothing, I’m kinda disappointed… so garish and gaudy.

Goemon Teaser – Watch more Movie Trailer

A point of contrast… and even more after the bump




Wedding Complex

April 20, 2008


these are our heroes…

January 23, 2008

More than a few years back, I think maybe before I got into comics, I forget… I did a video for Nas’ v “These are our heroes”… it was unreleased.
Maybe I’ll put some of the artwork up here when I get a second to breath, but anyway…
I’m honored to have done something for Nas, but this animation was a hard lesson for me for allot of reasons. I won’t go into details…
Just be ready to fail sometimes, and not always directly by your own hand… and be prepared to learn from those failures, cause if you don’t, you’re a dumbass.

LAST WORD I didn’t do the timing or the sinc… actually I did make editing/timing notes and my man Raph Tanghal did timing sheets based on them- as well as A GRIP of other shit, and his notations were completely disregarded by the director/editor.

Miracle @ St. Anna sketches

November 24, 2007



PS. deleted all of my iphone pics on accident; not sure if it was a glitch move, or my own fcuk up. I got a few Berlin flix I’ll post later.

ticket stub: (The Lives of Others) Das Leben der Anderen

April 24, 2007

So ok… from now on, when I see a flick or a show I’m gonna write a little something about it. The name of this editorial will be “ticket stub”. The gospel it aint, just my oppinion and a little bit of color. I’ll give the short and the long of it. The short will describe things in a way as not to devulge details because I like to see a film with almost no knowledge of the story and I don’t want to spoil it for you guys. The long will be my interpretation or oppinion.

The Lives of Others


street fighter4 championship edition: Sonny-ryu

March 17, 2007

I doodled this while trying to sleep, watching the killing machine on IFC. eesh. so tired… and yet, not at all sleepy.
Anyway, so It’s just sonny chiba then I drew a headband on him and accidentally spilled mad ink on his hair with my pen brush. Then I proceeded to doodle myself into a corner…


…anyway, I swear that the character of ryu from street fighter is taken from a Sonny Chiba flick called Karate Bull fighter:

see about a minute 25 into the video, I swear this is Ryu. I love this old stuff, spaghetti sauce, rubber eyeballs and all; The energy of it is undeniable. Sonny Chiba would be the perfect Ryu.


street fighter 4

so since I cant’ sleep, I’ll post… and suffer tomorrow.

The ritual of martial arts is a rich and varied aspect of human culture. I saw this the other day while exploring the interweb.

The Ag’Ya, Danmye or Ladja of Martinique

You know, sometimes it’s not just about destroying someone. This shows a physical expression of violence where both participants remain unharmed despite the expression. This is dope. Also it’s ill because of the duality of violent play and compassion for your opponent. This is a martial “art”, forreal.

TMAs and fighters would nodoubt question the effectiveness of this as a style of self defense. It’s a moot point to me. Foremost because a martial art is more than the ability to destroy a human being, or else the study of nuclear physics or balistics would be the ultimate martial art. Also, I do think it’s possible that this playful style could conceal practical skills, in the same way that other practical martial arts have ceremonial aspects. Indeed the physical dexterity exibited by these players leads me to think that these performers are rather fit athletes. They are very aware of their entire body and the subtle movements of human bodies interacting… which leads me to believe that that they could handle themselves in a streetfight. My favorite fighters dance (ali, bruce, any muay thai fighter or senegalese wrestler)

I think this would make a great character for a game. Looking back on the dying fight genre of video games, I remember missing a true diversity of fighting styles. I guess that’s unfair. Streetfighter was diverse in it’s own way, but wouldn’t it have been great to see an obscure martial art like Ag’ya, Systema or even Nuba wrestling in a fighting game. Like true “world warriors”

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