And on the seventh day…

January 7, 2009

Happy New Year People

January 6, 2009
One Eyed Jacks Gig Poster rejected

One Eyed Jacks Gig Poster rejected

It’s been awhile folks… I’ve been grinding, what can I say.

So glad 08 is over… tooth and nail people… tooth and nail. ’09 is mine! Biggups to all the heads peepin’ the site. I just remixed the SouJouBou for IdN magazine.

Been working on some work for Dark Horse… I’ve included some of the rejected pieces there in the gallery. I’ll be in IdN soon… keep an eye out.

Any of my french people catch me in that issue of “Gasface”? They did like 3 spreads of the kid or more… crazy… actually, fuck around, I’m gonna scan it and show you in like 20 minutes.

Meanwhile I’m fucking tired.

Words from a master

October 13, 2008

“The panel has to exist by itself. otherwise the integrity of the art is in jeopardy. Until the artist arrives at a point where he realizes that by drawing a single panel he has a single work of art that exists by itself as a single statement which can live by itself, only then can all the panels live together. And then you reach a totality that is completely out of the realm of the infantile kind of page continuities that comics are filled with”
-Bernard Krigstein

Also, check out this CBR article on the DHP Josh Dysart and I put together

Art of Seduction

October 7, 2008
Art of Seduction flyer

Art of Seduction flyer

I have a show coming up. I made a flyer for it… Should be pretty hype. I think it’s invitation only… I don’t know… but peep the flyer.



Also, I got some soft back copies of Sentences, they’re not even out in the stores yet, sun! I’m gonna sell some at pi shop for 20 dollars a pop. Each copy I sell will be signed and scribbled in. I’ll draw whatever I feel like… but expect it to be weapons grade hype regardless. I’ll turn them out every Monday starting this next Monday.

I gotta approve each copy I sell so if it’s sold out check back every once in awhile. I’ll post when I’m absolutely done making them, so you’ll know if you’re @$$ out… so be vigilant. I haven’t exactly figured out this PayPal thing yet… sorry.

DH-Pi & Percey Carey on Complex, Miracle at St. Anna!!!

October 2, 2008
The Stain

The Stain

Hey e’rybody,

Me and my pal, Josh Dysart, got a short up on Myspace Dark Horse Presesnts. Check it out. It’s based on a true story. Also, check this Youtube clip I forgot all about until I saw it on Dysart’s Blog. It’s Percey and I talking about Sentences.

And speaking of my man, Percey, He’s got a blog on Complex Magazine‘s website check it out.

On that note… I just got a grip of softback copies of “Sentences”. If you want a copy with a drawing in the back, hollar atcha boy and I’ll doodle in the back and send you out one for $20, S&H included.

also… for no reason except that it’s gangster as hell, me and my fellow buffalo soldiers from the “Miracle at St. Anna” film.

Real Gangsta's do Real Things

Deeds not Words

I want my MTV!

September 26, 2008

Hey everybody! Check me out on the MTV comics website, Splashpage!

graphix 01: when they remenisce over you, my lawd!

September 14, 2008

Just released graphix01 “The Alarmist”

It’s a short one.

Hope you enjoy it… even if it’s not quite on time.

random shorts


back like cooked crack pt.2

September 9, 2008

Alrightch’all. The pi shop is officially open, just click that little ‘shop’ button over on the nav to your left and check out the only spot to cop original d-pi and ron wimberly artwork.

…but wait there’s more! Skate? Carry a skateboard around like a purse? or maybe hang skate decks on your wall? …well check out deka pi for skate decks designed by yours truly.


deka pi

here’s a quick sample of the wares:

deka? season01

deka? season01

back like cooked crack

September 7, 2008

SO after a looooooooooooong sabbatical, after being hacked and booted off of the MT server and all of that, DTV is back online. Did anyone miss us? I know we’re kinda tempermental, but if you missed us show some love.

So what’s going on? Didn’t make it out to San Diego. Didn’t win the eisner (got robbed), so don’t ask. The deuce-dime is my year though… mark my word. There’s allot that’s gonna happen here in the next couple months so keep an eye out.

this installment, after the bump: Urb 155 and “SouJouBou got a haircut”




SayWhat? Sentences Grabs Glyph Gold

May 19, 2008

thanks for the love everybody! since there’s no acceptance ceremony-

I’d like to thank PopCulture Shock. Percey Carey, Casey Seijas, Jared Fletcher and last but not least Karen Berger for sharing the burden of putting the book together; Percey had a great story to tell and I’m honored to help him tell a small part of it. I’d like to thank Richard Bruning for helping with the cover. David Hyde for promoting the hell out of the kid. Henry Manfra for being patient and letting the kid do his thing. Will and Pornsac for entertaining the kid, while Casey went downstairs to get the dufflebag. Mark Doyle did something, I forget… maybe that was another project. Oh.. and I’d like to thank my mom, Diane Williams, She’ll always have her dreams Despite the things This troubled world can bring. Oh and I’d like to thank my self…

And Levi’s, Hanes and Adidas for shielding my ass from the NY elements .

…and finally but most importantly, buy anything with my name on it, I got bills to pay. Hollar!

Brooklyn!!! Aaaaawe South Side(DC)!!!

I’m coming with more jewels in 08′. Casey Leave the envelope under the door baby!

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