Eisners, Glyphs

April 25, 2008


Hey guys… Sentences is getting some love and me with it. Sentences is nominated for an “Eisner” in the “Best Reality-Based Work” category.

Also my friend Julian alerted me to some love coming from over at “Pop Culture Shock”. Seems I’m up for a few “Glyph” awards. Thanks for the love people!

Wedding Complex

April 20, 2008


You came here to dance…

I came here to Street Fighter!!!

The images I did for the SF Tribute coming out from Udon later this year. These are the one’s they’re not gonna use. They chose another, pick up the book to see it. It’s crack, if I say so myself. I don’t normally do allot of fan art, but I love street fighter and I’m honored to rep the fighting street in the art book.

Click below for the stripped down remix images

sfink002.jpg SeanSFIV tribute 03SFIV tribute 04


Nylon Don

April 1, 2008


What’s good ya’ll?! Just writing to let you know I’m in “Nylon: guys” this month, no homo… I forgot until my man Cliff Chiang reminded me (while you’re at it, check out Cliff’s work, he’s a monster). It’s Cliff, Pope and some other dudes that are pretty good, but I don’t know their work so I don’t remember their names. Just pick the mag up, read the article and find out, people. Maybe get the science on how to up the geek game to baller status while you’re at it. Let’s give these metros a run for their money, pause

Shout to Corrrey and GranBran, two other comic rock stars, whom I shouted out in the article. oh… and


I’m gonna start to work on the POC April desktop… it’s late people, I know. What can I say, I’m grinding.

Happy Pi day yall!

March 14, 2008

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March Romeo

February 29, 2008

Put the Urban Romantic on your Desktop. 1440×900:

maybe later… I’ll do a color one.



the remix:

Meathaus: SOS!!!

February 22, 2008

meathaus: sos


Yes Yes Yall! Meathaus: SOS is finally on it’s way out. They’re taking pre-orders right now- click the image above for a link. Everybody’s in this badboy… James Jean, Reyyy, Hanuka Bros…. me! Click that link and go check out a preview

…to refresh your memory:



Hipster Tengu

February 20, 2008


I don’t know if this is the colorway I’ll use as final… I’m gonna submit it to the Beasts.
I imagine modern tengu would do this sort of thing, being vain and mischievous. Probably steal high-end Levi’s and replace them with fakes.
I don’t want to pull an Obama, so I’d like to make it clear that one of Lesean’s characters also wear’s adidas getas… or “Ghettas” as I am calling them. These are Tengu no ghettas.
I’ve posted the other colorway on DA, for all of the kids who follow what’s popping over there.

Urb Freelance

February 7, 2008

“Why do you choose to use the Wu Tang school method against me?…”
“…I’ve learned so many styles, forgive me.”
Something different.
Some Icons I did for the next issue of “Urb”… some next 100 or something.
Shout out to Lex and the whole KDU. Do the Damn thing!

Click for more size!!!


the roots

something I finished for complex last night…





figured I’d post it here, as I think it’s prolly gonna print pretty small. I’m excited to work with Tim Leong over at complex. He’s a talented guy.

and a public apology to Moira and the rest of A Big Yes, whom I totally flaked on to finish penciling this job.

I hope you will forgive me and continue to invite me to your shows.

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